Goodbye Summer Interns!

We say goodbye to our 2021 summer interns this week, and what a group of interns they were!

At SPS, Interns integrate with teams and take on projects, drive change, and improve process. In our students, we see the work they take on and the people they learn from, truly spark passion as they begin their career journey.

Technology interns not only learn coding practices, but they also learn about process that drive results. They participate in agile ceremonies like daily standups, planning, and retrospectives to identify improvements. They pair program and demo their work to stakeholders. They participate in TechJam (our internal tech conference) and get to experience our learning culture.

We have best in class interns and the teams really enjoy working with them. Some of the things TeamSPS said about this intern class:

  • β€œThe interns provided fresh energy and perspectives that invigorated the whole team!”
  • Having the opportunity to support the Aspirations in Computing Awards Program is a real privilege. Knowing that we are giving a leg up to the upcoming generation of women innovators is very rewarding.
  • The Team has greatly appreciated working with our intern program. The talent these individuals bring so early in their career is amazing, we don’t want our intern to go back to school!”
  • This program has really shaped the team with 2 of our full-time employees coming up through our intern program.”
  • “The Aspirations Interns are brilliant, and it is a personally and professionally rewarding experience having them on the team.”

Students described their internships at SPS in these words:

  • β€œThis summer has been everything I could hope for in an internship and more, from the people to the projects my experience at SPS has been a dream!”
  • β€œMy internship at SPS has made me more confident in my abilities as a programmer and solidified my goal to pursue a career in data science.”
  • β€œMy favorite part of my internship was the opportunity to be fully incorporated into my team and getting hands on experience coding!”

Keep your eyes on these rising stars, they are going places! Nathan Yi, Riley Sumner, Claire Stellmack, Ellie Horita, Omar Masri, Breanne Pundsack, Eshaan Dua, Caroline Pirtle, Mady Ogorek, Julia Kispert, Cecilia Schmitz, Sean Mangan, Ezigbo Ugochukwi, and Salaam Day.

Welcome to the SPS Intern Alumni Community, 2021 Interns! We are excited to stay connected and watch you grow.

SPS Technology @spstech