SPS TechJam 2021

Last month the SPS Technology department held TechJam - the yearly SPS technology community-led event. This event is completely volunteer-led by a group of individual within the organization. The team creates the agenda, selects external speakers, sources cool swag for the participants, leads a multi-day long Hackathon, and organizes fun happy hours for our various locations and timezones. For the second year in a row, the organizers managed a follow-the-sun agenda featuring speakers around the world and timezone handoffs between locations. This Olympic-themed event included talks from internal and external speakers on wide-ranging topics - from highly technical to design focused, productivity to empathy and live demos!

Example of Internal Topics Covered:

  • REST APIs: Building Intentional Developer Experiences
  • From Lambda Calculus to LAMBDA functions in Excel
  • “I can Imagine” - A Simple Lesson from Someone on Their Journey to Being More Empathetic
  • Show and Tell: My Pandemic Pet Project
  • The art and science of behavior change
  • Chaos Engineering
  • Insights from Traveling an Unconventional Path into Tech at SPS
  • Building your first Blockchain application. Wait, what is Blockchain?

External Talks Included:

  • Transcendence: The Power of Representation; Marlene Mhangami from Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Organizational Transactional Analysis; Natali Renska from Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Code Like A Girl and women in tech; Ally Watson from Melbourne, Australia

A special thank you to those who took the time to share their presentations and all those who helped organize a wonderful event.

-Sarah McMorrow, Senior Agile Program Manager

SPS Technology @spstech