Welcome Summer 2021 Interns

The 2021 SPS Summer Internship program started this week! We have 18 interns in Minneapolis this summer that are working in Technology, Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing. Our interns come from diverse backgrounds, and are all going to be embedded with teams in the Minneapolis office.

Some cool intern facts

-14 of our 18 interns this summer are in our Technology Business Unit.

-Tech has hosted interns for many years and has had the largest number of students each year since our official program started in 2016.

-We have 7 full time employees in technology that were once a part of our Summer Internship Program and are now a part of our Intern and Student Program Alumni Community.

-Tech has been supporting a program called Minnesota Aspirations in Computing (MNAiC) for six years that provides an internship experience for students who self-identify as women, genderqueer, or non-binary and have an interest in technology and computing. SPS Tech Vice President Amy Patton is on the MNAiC Committee and leads up a Sub-Committee focused on increasing corporate involvement with their internship program and the annual MentorMash and Bright Ideas Hackathon events for their award winners.

-Tech is also hosting Salaam Day, our first SPS Diverse Scholar recipient. Salaam is excited to start his internship the summer before he attends Augsburg University to pursue a degree in Computer Science.

Tijen Petersen, Student Programs & Community Relations Manager

SPS Technology @spstech