Celebrating Hacktoberfest as SPS

Autumn is my favorite season in Minnesota. Something about the cooler temps and crisp air, the leaves changing color and falling from the trees, giving the air a familiar smell, and a crunch underfoot when heading out for a brisk walk. One of my favorite things about October in particular is that it is the home to Hacktoberfest, an event that encourages everyone to participate in open-source! Whether you’re a veteran programmer, or brand new to coding, Hacktoberfest offers a great opportunity to connect with open-source projects you know and use, explore new projects, add new features or enhancements, squash bugs, fix typos, clarify documentation, or draw that diagram that really helps a project community understand what the project’s goals are!

Several members of Team SPS Tech are actively involved with Hacktoberfest. We’re sponsoring and hosting Hacktoberfest Hacking Session (in-person and virtual) with GoMN. We have a couple open-source projects we are welcoming the Hacktoberfest community to participate and collaborate on:

Whatever your October holds, we hope you enjoy this season, take a moment to appreciate family, friends, and also open-source!

Jesse Lang | Principal Site Reliability Engineer | Technology Operations Engineering

Jesse Lang @jesselangsps