Wrapping up SPS Tech Summit - A Big THANK YOU!

Yesterday we closed out our 2021 Tech Summit event. As discussed in our last post, the Tech Summit is an event where we intentionally set our ‘day jobs’ aside to learn more about the strategic vision of our entire technology organization for the coming year. Over these past four days, we have covered some serious ground with some major topics. Each day had its own focus, outlined below:

This event included four General (‘Keynote’) Sessions along with nearly 20 Breakout Sessions!

We had a LOT of team members from across the globe, spanning numerous tech teams & some ‘guest appearances’ from key stakeholders and leaders outside of tech who contributed time, energy and a TON of great content to help make this a fantastic event! THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this yet another amazing SPS Tech Summit!

SPS Technology @spstech