Virtual SPS Tech Summit Kickoff

I believe the workplace culture is to SPS what our personalities are to us. It’s what makes us unique. Our unique culture is derived from the operationalization of our values and the people who live them. The Tech teams at SPS and the culture that surrounds us comprises a community for me. We are heterogeneous and inclusive, share common values and beliefs and have common objectives. We are empathetic and desire the best outcomes for one another.

Today marks the kickoff to our first-ever all-virtual Tech Summit. This is a time of year where we all intentionally set our ‘day jobs’ aside to learn more about the strategic vision of our entire technology organization for the coming year. This year, our team members will learn about our new Tech Principles, illustrating our beliefs around what we build. We will share and discuss how we are working to make our teams more inclusive and diverse. Team members and leaders will share with one another our path forward as we drive our company to new heights - going in-depth on various strategic initiatives and the work that our teams are doing together to achieve these lofty goals. So, why do I look forward to Tech Summit? Because it’s one of our rituals that is purposeful and it matters and it’s part of the culture that drives us.

Together we appreciate the transparency of our efforts to right wrongs. We challenge everyone to raise the standard by which we live and work. We value knowledge sharing so greatly that we take time away from building products in order to learn and grow together. Here’s to another SPS Tech Summit!

Paul Birkbeck

SPS Technology @spstech