TeamSPS Supporting TechNova and uWaterloo

SPS is a sponsor for TechNova and its First Global Women+ in Tech Hackathon event on August 24-29. We partner with University of Waterloo for our co-op students/interns in Canada and are excited to not only sponsor this event, but also to provide judges, mentors, and a glimpse into the life of a Technology career.

TechNova is a student-led organization aimed at creating a more gender-equitable future in technology. Our inaugural event is the University of Waterlooโ€™s First Global Women+ in Tech Hackathon which aims to provide students with an end-to-end program to help accelerate their journeys in technology, wherever they might be!

The event consists of three parts: Technical Workshops to prepare, a 36-hour Hackathon, and finally a Networking opportunity to close things out.

We are so grategul to Kasey McMaster, Nikki Riemersma, and Charlotte Countryman who are helping as judges. Nick Kemske, Tim Van Cleave are pitching in as mentors, and Maura Silverberg, Anne Nagle, and Alexandra Smith all helping behind the scenes.

Finally, special thanks to Cynthia Chiou, Application Engineer, who is taking over the TechNova Instagram account today!

SPS Technology @spstech