Jake Freeberg is going to be part of LaunchDarkly's Launch + Learn on Tuesday, September 14 @ 2:00pm CT

Feature Management Platform LaunchDarkly has been a core part of SPS Commerce’s approach to continuous delivery since the summer of 2017. The Fulfillment engineering team needed a way to deploy some code related to a new feature and control exactly who could see these changes. LaunchDarkly made that easy and when other teams within SPS saw what we were doing, the value was clear and it became a common part of applications at SPS.

LaunchDarkly has done a great job supporting our usage of their product, so when they asked us to be part of a discussion on what LaunchDarkly does for us, I happily said yes.

If you’d like learn more about how SPS and FullStory use LaunchDarkly, you can register for the event here.

Jacob Freeberg @JakeFreeberg