TeamSPS is Headed to DevOps Minneapolis!

Will we see you at DevOps Days Minneapolis later this month?

SPS is once again sponsoring Minneapolis’ DevOpsDays event. We’ve been perennial sponsors as we see this organization as one that regularly invests in local Technology community building and maturing in our location. DevOpsDays gives voice to a diverse pool of talented engineers and elevates the need to communicate, break down silos, share pain and embrace opportunities to learn. Within the speaking track, there is a blend of cultural and technical talks that can range significantly. There are also ‘Open Spaces’ where the attendees drive informal conversations around points of curiosity. Past attendees have been able to take significant advantage in fielding current areas of concern with a wider audience (secrets management, incident management, Dupechecking Design patterns, etc).

Stop by to see us if you are in person, or give a virtual wave to TeamSPS! 👋

SPS Technology @spstech