SPS at Open Source North

SPS Commerce was a Platinum Sponsor for Open Source North this year, which took place on Thursday, May 20th. A crew from SPS, including Scott Brons, Megan Tischler, Cory Fleming, and Andre Burgaud shared what has made our Tech Community pratice successful.

The SPS Tech Community is a self organizing group of individual contributors and managers across the entire technology organization at SPS Commerce. We receive support and financial backing from executive leadership. Our mission is to encourage fellowship in technology by sharing patterns, knowledge, interests and goals. We do this by moving the needle in several different focus areas that we are going to share about in future blog posts.

Stay tuned to learn more about our TechMeetups (including our biggest which takes the format of an internal conference- TechJam!), Community Open Sessions, Employee Resource Groups and Guilds, and our Open Source and Event Sponsorship intitiatives.

SPS Technology @spstech