DevOps Meetup: April 1st

April 1st @ 5:30 join us in this SPS Commerce sponsored meetup! Andy Sciro will be presenting his talk, Javascript: The aggregation of marginal gains over time.


The talk’s details are as follows:

After the birth of my first child, I went through a period where I began to question many aspects in my life such as my goals, my career, and the skills I value as a Software Developer. What came from that was a reaffirmation that I love front-end development and JavaScript in particular! I realized in particular that, while I had been using JavaScript for almost 14 years, I still didn’t know how some of its inner core worked and why.

Like a fish in water, I knew what water was but I had accepted my surroundings without questioning them. I was so used to the WAY things worked, I realized that I didn’t know HOW they worked! Realizing I was not unique in the developer community in this way, I set on a journey of discovery to have more mastery over my craft. Please join me as I dive deep into some of the more complex and tricky aspects of JavaScript’s inner workings. In this talk, I’ll be presenting on topics such as closure, the event loop, and the “this” keyword. Although this talk focuses on some more advanced JavaScript topics, there will be something for everyone to learn and reflect on.

Zoom Link to be provided on the day of the event

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Andrew Sciro @andysciro