I'm Here: Gordy Flam

Consider this: When people all think the same way, they rarely challenge each other to think outside the box. Companies often have programs to encourage innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. It is safe to assume that most companies are looking to innovate, grow in market share and grow in revenue.

To achieve imaginative, creative ideas, companies in the tech industry are more likely to achieve these goals if they are working with people from many different backgrounds. A diverse work atmosphere leads to creative thought, increased innovation, and better problem-solving.

When I was interviewing with SPS Commerce (about a year and a half ago), one of the questions the tech recuiter asked me was how I would help with diversity at SPS. I think I surprised him when part of my initial response was to talk about recruiting women for all levels of technology jobs. I guess personal circumstances have influenced my thinking; I grew up with three sisters and have two daughters. I also had a fantastic mentor who was the VP of engineering at McData and who happens to be female.

Diversity can only strengthen the tech industry and hopefully women will continue to add to the diversity and join tech in greater numbers in the upcoming years. For this to happen, though, we need to support and advocate for diversity in thought, race, and gender.

Gordy Flam

SPS Technology @spstech