SPS team members share their learnings from the Grace Hopper Celebration

SPS WiT (Women in Tech) sent members of our Technology team to join the other 30,000 attendees at the virtual Grace Hopper Celebration in 2020. This group took their experience one step further by sharing back what they learned with the rest of our teams at a recent Meetup.

Takeaways were shared on these key topics from talks attended at GHC:

  • Transform your code reviews (Macy Buan)
  • Testing growing pains (Madeline Finnerty)
  • Accessible technology (Jessica Lee)
  • Advances in AI (Charlotte Countryman)

The group also shared many significant learnings regarding the future impact of Technology on:

  • Privacy (Madeline Finnerty)
  • Making the internet more diverse (Jenna Truong)
  • How male allies can show up for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. (Macy Buan & Matt Kokotovich)

Check out the recording to dig in to the details. A special thank you to those who took the time to share what they learned: Macy Buan, Madeline Finnerty, Jessica Lee, Charlotte Countryman, Jenna Truong, and Matt Kokotovich

SPS Technology @spstech