Our First Annual SPS Tech Holiday Concert – A Success!

On December 22, we hosted our first annual SPS Tech Holiday Concert! Ten team members shared their musical talents in an hour-long event over Zoom for all of us to enjoy. The idea started with one team and then grew to include all of tech because we realized that there are so many technologists who are also musicians.

This fun concert included holiday pieces performed on the violin, mandolin, cello, piano, trumpet, flute, theremin, and a couple of vocal performances as well. This was a full hour of music and stories, people sharing the happiness and joy that music can bring to our holiday season. What a great way to celebrate the holidays together, physically distant, but not alone. A big thank you to all of our peers who shared their musical talents with us and to the event organizers as well!

Gordy Flam

SPS Technology @spstech