Upgrading our Assortment Product to Java15

SPS Commerce’s Assortment product has recently undergone an effort to modernize our Java environment. After living in Java8 for a number of years, last year we took on the sizeable effort to jump past the recent major JVM refactorings to Java13. This was a challenging task requiring a large amount of dependency chasing and testing of our entire product both in build and at runtime. After letting those changes prove out for a while in production, this year we took the next leap to be truly current with Java15. We completed this move to Java15 in less than a week! As an organization we are prioritizing keeping as current as possible with the latest JVMs and other languages enabling each upgrade to be less of an “event”, keeping our engineers more capable with the latest language features and keeping us more secure with all of the latest patches.

Nate Anderson

Nathan Anderson @omnipitous