We Will Puzzle Again Someday

Like many companies, we are still predominantly in a Work from Home state, but SPS has put in many precautions and safety measures to allow team members to work from the office safely if they desire to do so (only in areas where it is considered safe to do so). One of our team members was in the Minneapolis office recently and shared these images. Before Covid-19 required us all to move our work to our home ‘offices’, this area was known as the “Creation Station” where team members could come together for a break from work to do some coloring, word games, play Battleship, or most often, work on a puzzle together. There used to be a half-finished puzzle in this area but someone kindly packed it away and taped this area off for safety. It’s a sad (and honestly, kind of funny) picture but we will puzzle together again someday :).

Jon Beattie

Jon Beattie @JonMBeattie