Reflections from an SPS Summer Engineering Intern

SPS hosted 13 virtual interns over the summer, and we wanted to share their reflections as the summer draws to an end. Here is Breanne Pundsack, Software Engineer Intern, and MN Aspirations in Computing Awardee.

I have had such a wonderful experience being a Software Engineer Intern this summer at SPS. I was able to work on a team that primarily builds tools for other internal teams. I worked on two of those tools this summer: Pointdexter and Trinity.

Pointdexter is a service that my team owns. It automatically assigns subtasks to Jira tickets given input from within the tickets: document type and product type. This streamlines the work that another team in our tech org does, saving them hours worth of time in creating subtasks for some of their “known” & “plannable” work. It was such a great experience knowing my efforts will help save time for employees using Pointdexter instead of manually assigning points to tickets.

Additionally, I worked with another product called Trinity. I was really hoping to get some UI experience this summer and I got that experience by working on Trinity’s UI. Trinity is a service that converts files to different formats, and it is used by numerous teams across SPS for the purpose of testing. I created another way to input a file so a user can now add a repository name and branch, which Trinity will then use to render the files located in that repository’s branch. It was very rewarding witnessing how my project has a direct impact on Trinity because many employees will use the functionality I created.

Lastly, I would love to thank my team, especially Erik Barthel, Sam Cassada, Cory Fleming, LaMoine Zielieke, and Tech Mate, Jessica Lee, for teaching me what it means to work in a technology field and the journey it takes to get there. This has been the best summer I have ever had because of the kindness and encouragement from everyone at SPS.

SPS Technology @spstech